Saturday, August 22, 2009

Ecstatic Embodiment through Meditative Movement, Breathe and Vocal Exploration

Enjoy this generous offer to self-heal by integrating your body and mind

Book Signing and Workshop

Guided by Ruth Gould-Goodman M.A. L.Ac.,

Energy Healer and Pioneer Explorer of the Somatic Wisdom of the Body.

Author of

The Sacred Book of U: Unveiling the Lost Teachings of the Deep Feminine

Deepen your attention into the root of your pelvic bowl using meditative movement to activate your physical center and open fluid state consciousness.
Discover the path of ease as you invite fully embodied breath to be the source of body movement.
Activate life force as you explore the joints, organ systems and the resonating chambers of your body with movement and vocal sound.
Weave the consciousness of the group as one through improvised vocal sound and movement meditation.

When :Sunday September 20th 2009 3:00-6:00 P.M
Where: Olandar Center @ the home of Leigh and Carla McCloskey

6032Philip Road, Malibu CA 90265

RSVP ( 310-457-5398

Or RSVP., 310-392-3612,

$30/ suggested donation, no one turned away
Bring Mats, comfortable cloths for movement.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Exploring the Concept of The Deep Feminine

The Deep Feminine is the principle of Yin. Yin is an elusive concept because Yin deals with that which is unseen and unformed. The Deep Feminine is the vast infinity of potential energy, the womb space, and the emptiness that allows new possibilities to take form.

The energies of the Deep Feminine are deep and profound. As human beings we gain access to our infinite being through our contact with the Deep Feminine.

The modern, Western world is out of alignment with the power of the Deep Feminine. Without honoring the Deep Feminine, we unconsciously and violently deplete the power behind that which nurtures us with out realizing how dependent we are on that sustaining quality to support everything we call life.

The Deep Feminine is the source of our deepest creativity. She can create another human being or actualize our ideas in form. The Deep Feminine is the source of our relationships and communications with others. She creates who we are at every moment. It is so easy to forget her when we bring our attention to ourselves. Our habit is to take her for granted. When we forget to honor the Deep Feminine we become over controlling and seek satisfaction by manipulating and consuming our world. She invites us to create our world anew in each moment. The Deep Feminine is actually the deeper source of Yin energy in our body.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Applying Yin Yang Theory to our Present Economic Picture

We may apply Taoist Yin Yang theory to help us better understand our present social economic challenges. If I diagnose our societal values by noticing what we deem worthy of a monetary economic bailout, those things that are Yang are given great weight while those things that are Yin are being depleted and not supported. The Yin weakens and dies. We use our Tax dollars to buy implements of war, create armies and make War. We also direct our money resources to bailout our financial institutions and, our banks.

Our financial institutions are not what create wealth. They appear to create wealth because they accumulate money at the top and then manipulate that money to produce more money. They do not create wealth that is synergistically distributed through our system. Real wealth is created by what we manufacture and how we transform goods to be bought and sold. Real wealth is the way a community functions to raise children, to teach them the values of the culture and to help each individual to become valued and valuable adults.
Maintaining infrastructure of towns and cities so the paths of communication are open to support a viable market place is wealth. The building of roads, community centers, medical centers and places for the arts and performance are other expressions of wealth. The creation of good schools and teachers that can teach is wealth. The creations of artists, dancers, musicians, composers, poets and writers are wealth. The creation of medical doctors, clinics and hospitals that can treat the sick and help people stay healthy and vital is wealth.

I fear our present narrow view of wealth, as money that can be invested to make a profit, is bankrupting the real wealth, the support systems of our culture that actually nourish and feed the ongoing life of a culture. In the present picture of our economy we have the Yang energy of war and finance eating the nurturing energies of education, arts and health care.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Defining Yin and Yang in Taoism

I am an acupuncturist trained in diagnosis of imbalances of subtle energy in the body. The philosophy behind acupuncture is based in Taoism.

Taoism is an ancient system of thought that developed to help people find healthy and balanced relationship with the world. Taoist believed that the natural world was inherently balanced and that humans could learn balance by observing nature. To be able to better understand what they were experiencing, Taoist divided the world into two categories; Yin and Yang. Yin and Yang are two words that are used to describe the dance of the basic polarity of life.

To help my reader understand the two categories of yin and yang I line them up with their correlates:

Yin: Feminine, negative charge, dark, night, unformed, potential, empty, yielding, nurturing, sustaining, quiet, supportive, passive, follow, earth.

Yang: Masculine, positive charge, light day, manifest form, full hard, moving controlling, active, loud, challenging, lead, seed.

In Chinese medicine, a patient is diagnosed by their systemic balance of Yin and Yang. Yang’s tendency is to become excess and Yin’s empty nature is to become Deficient. When the two forces dance in balance, life generates a flourishing. When the Yang becomes too exuberant it feeds on the Yin resource, inadvertently depleting the Yin energy supporting it. As the Yin grows weaker, the Yang is no longer contained and limited by the Yin. Instead it eats the Yin to grow as big as it can. As the Yang grows bigger, the Yin gets smaller until there is no more Yin to support the Yang. At that point the bloated and overheated Yang collapses and the patient dies.

Description of the Saturday Class:Movement, Breath and Sound Work

In my Saturday class I guide people to the source of their creative expression by inviting their attention to journey deep inside their body. Through meditative movements we explore the terrain of their body: the emotions, the spirit and the soul.

I teach my students’ how to self activate their energy switches by guiding their
attention into their organ systems and skeletal structure.I use a sensed relationships to gravity to help each person find their physical center.

Since so many Western people think they are the thinking in their heads, we further root our attention into the depth of our pelvic bowl.

Once my students fully ground their attention in their body, we explore how our breath moves through our body. To consciously engage our whole system we use our spine as a microcosmic map to help us track the journey of each breath. We practice directing our internal energy from the path of our central channel, down our legs, and out our hands through gesture and our mouth through voice.

We than cultivate our conductive capacity by dancing with the internally felt unfolding waves of organic energy pulsing through us.

A major focus of the class is to assist people to open up to the vast power of their own being while simultaneously inviting them to open their eyes. We practice grounding connection to a present moment direct personal communication with cosmic power in front of others. We lovingly witness each others authentic dance to grow comfortable in meeting the divine beauty we each bring forth.

The last part of the class integrates the activation of vocal expression arising from our center. Through sound we explore body resonance. A group vocal circle develops sophisticated listening skills that open group creative process. We are challenged to listen to the creative river downloading through our own center and then resonate as a group without a conductor or score. Each person expresses their vocal sound while simultaneously, listening to the sound tapestry the group creates together. We practice being conductive to the creative stream of the cosmos while simultaneously creating together with others.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Somatic Emersion* Journeys: Ecstatic Embodiment through Meditative Dance and Sound

Join Ruth Gould-Goodman M.A. L.Ac.,
Energy Healer and Pioneer Explorer of the Somatic Wisdom of the Body.

Author of
The Sacred Book of U: Unveiling the Lost Teachings of the Deep Feminine

In her
Somatic Emersion* Journeys:
Ecstatic Embodiment through Meditative Dance and Sound

*e.mer.sion - The reappearance of a celestial body after it has been eclipsed

• Dance into your body’s self healing wisdom.
• Synchronize Meditative Movement with breath and intention to harmonize your mind, body and emotions as one
• Stimulate, and rejuvenate internal organ systems
• Activate and root into your core strength.
• Dive into the naturally ecstatic core energy stream of your body to decode the lost teachings of the Deep Feminine (decoding the body’s innate intelligence).
• Feel the deep satisfaction and personal empowerment of provoking a more wakeful consciously embodied relationship with the present moment

The practice is Life Enhancing and helpful to people who injure easily
Joyful, creative, improvisational, body-centered, loving and very potent.
It involves breath, ecstatic movement, meditation, chanting, vocal toning, trance music, and Ruth’s unique Tantric, Belly Dance, Chi Gong and La Madre Yoga.

When: August 22, 2009 Saturday, 1:00 P.M. -3:00 P.M
Where:1372 Appleton Way Venice, Ca. 90291
Under Ruth’s tent through the side gate in the back

Wear layered clothing. Bring a mat, pillow, blanket and water
Please call to confirm. 310-392-3612,,

Anti-depressants and the "TAO of NOW "

I just finished reading an article about the use of Antidepressants doubling in the USA from 1996 to 2005. As an acupuncturist and energetic healer, I works with the integration of the mind body connection. I have learned to re frame the way I think about depression. I see depression is an intelligent signal arising form our body when we refuse to listen to its message. When we block our own inner voice in order to squeeze our self into an external paradigm that more than likely does not fit who we really are, the voice of our inner power comes forward to guide us to move in a different direction. Since our culture teaches us to fear and shut down our inner voice. Many of us judge that voice as a bad and dark parts of ourselves that we must control and hide. We sequester the energy of that voice inside our body and often assume we have a bad part that must be kept inside at all costs. The inner voice becomes angry that we are not listening to it and eventually turns inward upon our own self. Our unexpressed frustration and anger turn inward and we loose our motivation to even try. We do not understand that voice is our inner connection to our life force. Our life force grows exhausted. Why should our inner voice keep trying if all we do is shut it up?

The problem is our own voice is the only voice that can guide us back to our truth and our right path. When we drug ourselves to not feel the pain of what we are doing to our own being we have lost the tread back to our health. We give our power over to an external substance and lose all sense of our own sovereignty. We now observe many people on anti-depressants grow suicidal or act violently toward others out of a desperate attempt to break out of the internal jail or fortress that they have misguidedly created for their own inner being. Taking anti-depressants places our being in an unresolvable dilemma.
Instead of masking our voice(the symptom of depression), we need guidance to enter that voice and discover what our own being is asking of us.

I have developed highly effective system of synchronized breath, movement and sound that guides people back to a much more natural relationship with their own life force. People discover the internal central channel that allows them to live from their center in flow and balance and ground their power in a safe, efficient and directed way. The yoga is called "Conscious Body Energetics" and the system is called the "TAO of NOW".