Thursday, September 18, 2008

Those who fear life can only love the unborn

Last night I could not sleep. Many Americans are being seduced by the appearance of Palin as a strong women. These thoughts came through.

Yours, Ruth Gould Goodman, Venice CA

For Palin only the Unborn Idea of Life is pure enough not to be Sacrificed on the Altar of War and Profit

Oh My America please do not be seduced by the brittle appearance of strength from Mrs. Palin even though she is in a woman’s body, has breasts and a vagina and has given birth. Sarah Palin is the same old tired solutions to our world’s problems as the old tired men who you are finally realizing do not have any solutions to your real everyday problems. Just because these ideas are being expressed by a female is no reason to suddenly become excited by them.

Sarah’s ideas are tired and old and incapable of solving the problems we face in the world. They are divisive, not integrating and non-cooperative and deadly. They thrive by stifling the personal freedoms of many while giving complete impunity to the elite. They speak of a top down authoritarian spirituality that places the divine and the sacred far away in the sky somewhere. These ideologies are incapable of recognizing the god force inside of anything but an unborn baby and other people who belong to the same church they belong to.

Animals, forests, oceans; in fact all living things are fair game to be sacrificed on the altar of their perceived entitled dominion to use this earth in any way they see fit to make a profit. Who cares if all the animals go extinct and leave this planet; to hell with the polar bear, the wolf and the elk? Animals are not worth of saving. They are not Christians. They do not matter. The deaths of women and children of a different color or religion all over the world and in this country as well are dismissed as collateral damage. It is o.k. to sacrifice any life but fetuses and other “Saved Christians” on the alter of maintaining the “American Way of Life”. This completely irrational self-righteous, infantile, entitled mentality is incapable of recognizing the sanctity of life itself. Obviously it can only see the pure god force in that which is ‘the unborn’ (not yet arrived on our planet). The implication being once born to life on earth you are a sinner unless you are saved.

I am tired of people talking from both sides of their mouth about the sanctity and the preciousness of the life of the unborn while the other side of their mouth rationalizes dropping bombs on people, separating young children from their mothers in immigrant raids, polluting the earth with the waste of oil and coal extraction. They are so disconnected from life that they cannot feel the loss to this planet if the great animal species go extinct.

They do seem to be able to feel the god force of the bottom line, for the real god they worship is the profit margins necessary to satisfy the stock holders.

The same people who cry for the unborn fetus shout for more police, more bombs, and more war. They refuse to raise taxes for schools, health care for children and working families. It is a cynical joke that the people who would self-righteously jail or even shoot another person to protect the life of the unborn fetus have no qualms with starting a war without provocation. I think they use the euphemism “pre-emptive” to justify their forays into other lands and cultures. Their self righteous ideology demands the sacrifice of blood. The ultimate cynical blasphemy.

To the right-wing pro-life position, the sacrifice of life to prove your religious ideology makes perfect sense. There is a coherence of belief. Those for whom war is the one and only answer for what ails our country would kill to protect the “life of the unborn.”

I am terrified to watch so many of my fellow human beings, my fellow Americans swept away in this angry ideology. I ask myself is this the real face of my American or is this the face that is being generated by the media to sell this face to America. I do not know. For me all life is a precious miracle.

I ask myself why and these thoughts come. Perhaps people including Sarah Palin and John McCain unconsciously are really terrified of the awesome power, mystery and beauty of life. Instead of facing their fear of the power of that force as it moves through their own flesh and blood, they project their denied fear onto everything outside of them that is different from them that they cannot control.

Only to "The Idea" of life turns them on. That is why they focus all their saccharine sentimental care and love on the unborn. Their unconscious fear of the sacred in the real flesh and blood of life as it lives and dies makes them unable to identify and relate to life. What they cannot control they hate. Any direct contact with the awesome unfathomable beauty and mystery of "Real Life" terrifies them. Direct connection immediately hardens their heart so they do not have to feel the vulnerable truth of their own interconnectedness with life.

The hardening to protect from feeling the pain of their self generated disconnection activates a self-protective desire to control and dominate life even more.

If you place yourself outside and above life, then you must attempt to control life. Then the only function of women is to be the fertile womb to supply life for men who are so terrified of the mystery of life that they are compelled to sacrifice their own sons and daughters on the alter of their ideologies to a god high in heaven some where other than right here, right now. Those plagued with the pain of their self-righteous disconnection believe this sacrifice will somehow save their souls from the darkness of the unknown.

Women of America, wake up.

Sarah Palin is a Trojan horse with breasts who worships at the altar of a male war god. She is ready to fight a holy war to deny the right of a mother to choose whether she should be able to take the responsibility to bring a child into this world. She is ready to pillage the earth, kill wildness, and take us to war. War talk sounds sassy coming from a young sexy woman.

Women of America it is easy to project your anger and fear and frustration onto that “Sassy” and think that it is the answer. Beware! That sassy is the same old same old pugnacious that is making a mess of your lives, killing your sons and daughters and destroying the living systems of our planet. It is destroying the true democratic values of the America I Love.

Beware! Sassy from a pretty woman is cute until you look beneath the surface and see the ugly face of contempt for life as a living inter-related system, until you see the denial of your own personal freedom in the rhetoric and the call to continue sacrificing your sons and daughters for some idea of a god that allows a rationalization for certain people to grow very rich and others to loose their right to a descent place to live and enough food to sustain their body and their children’s bodies.

Right to Life????

First protect Life as it is being lived before you demand that women bring babies they are unable to care for into this difficult warring world.