Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Virus of Fear and War.

I think my human race is infected with a virus that disconnects them from the wisdom of their own heart. The name of this virus is "FEAR". There can be no other reason that we behave toward each other with such mindless, cruelty and violence. A human body is so fragile and breakable, the skin is so thin and the organs and muscles so soft. A sharp steel knife can so easily slice right through us and cut us to the bone. We build weapons of such horror that you would think we were fighting extraterrestrial aliens made of steel who like the "Terminator" never die. It pains me to watch the mayhem of destroyed broken, bloodied bodies our projected nightmares create. We are bombing woman and children and men who are farmers, fathers and husbands.

We are made of the stuff of dreams, fluid and light but we seem to have forgotten we are all the dream of God. We are fragile because life is fragile, a delicate dance of the balance of opposites.

Humans, infected with the virus of fear, can not feel their connection to their own source within their own bodies. Once a person looses contact with their source with in their body they easily forget that they are a part of the creation that everyone is a part of. That is when the virus of fear can really take hold. Fear makes people leave their body for fear of experiencing pain. Fear makes people forget to feel the present moment reality of their body that connects them to the living systems of life and only listen to their thinking. Their thinking becomes inflamed and overheated and projects itself into a world that they see as black or white, good or evil and "US" against "Them". In forgetting their own source they project the pain of their own self abandonment onto anyone who is the slightest bit different from them. The possibility of the dream that they are turns into a nightmare as they project their fear outward. The world becomes a threatening place and War begins to be the only action that makes sense. The only event worth funding and giving our resources to.

It seems my country wants everyone to be just like we are. We want them to see God just like we do. WE want them to buy the same things that we do and grow the same crops and worship money just like we do. If they do not they seen as a threat to our assumed authority and they must be oppressed and colonized. This is exactly what the virus of fear does. We uproot from the center we are threatened by anyone that is the slightest bit different from us. Different skin, or hair, or language, or beliefs, or religion, or customs are cause for absolute judgment that is then used to justify the use of absolute violence and war. To solve the worlds problems we first must understand the virus of Fear with in ourselves.

What do YOU think??????