Thursday, June 25, 2009

Balancing the use of technology in my life

I am affected by the sudden push to incorporate technology into my life? I struggle to maintain the balance between my spirit and my computer for they each take me to such different places with in myself.

I have a deep resistance to consumerism being the underlying motivation of a communication. Many internet communications direct my attention to get me to consume a product. I also use the internet get someone to consume a product that I am selling. There is a place for the market but I believe the place that buys and sells should be a very small part of my life not its greatest motivating force. The computer mesmerizes me to let it take much too much of my attention.

Since the Internet functions on a narrow band width of thought it does not comprehend the internal universe of feeling, presence and being. Many feel empty because their involvement on the internet takes them away from their connection to their inner world. Because we become fascinated with information and there is now endless access to information, I believe humans are breaking our threads to the web of life. Too much of experiencing life through the internet disconnects us from our selves. If we are to use the powerful tool of the internet we also need to spend more time going back to that connection within our own being which is silent and mysterious beyond words. Just by retuning our attention home to our inner world we pick up the threads to our inner being and reconnect with our soul essence. Then it is much easier to express gratitude, celebration and Love for the life we are given.

I loose my way when I forget to thank life for what life gives. I have to take time to see the gift of free-will and consciousness I am given. If I do not take time to stop and remember to celebrate LIFE with each breath I become mesmerized by the endless internet market place. It then becomes much harder for me to feel the gratitude and joy necessary to celebrate life. Celebration is a human being's Cosmic Job description.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Social Networks Spread, Defiance Online

A Response to “Social Networks Spread, Defiance Online:”

Technologies that are simple enough to slip between the cracks of the authoritarian goons of censorship are exciting and necessary. Child like, they seem to rise up spontaneously just in the nick of time when it appears nothing can save the power of the people against the brute power of a well-armed militia. It seems to be a cosmic law.

With every technological advance in the government’s capacity to incarcerate the freedom that lives within each human heart, there is a corresponding development or understanding that allows that impulse to squeeze through the cracks and keep growing.

The impulse to be free and equal to everything constantly rises through our human nature for it is encoded in the deepest stream of life itself. It can’t be stopped. The impulse to be free to be equal to everything will always find a way to grow just as grass finds its way through stone and concrete.

Currently the technology of Twitter is flowing around the tightening fist of the authoritarian control of the Iranian government. Twitter is allowing the Iranian people to speak with one voice and express their anger and rage at having their election stolen from them.

Twitter is working to communicate beyond thick walls of fear and contempt for the life of a government that is deeply insecure in its legitimacy. The truth can be stopped some of the time but it can’t be stopped all the time.

Truth will find its way.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Thoughts on the positive and negative aspects of Twitter

There are benefits to using and understanding online social networking systems such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. I can enter a communication stream that is open- ended allowing me to find connections that I never would have found in any other way. Even though the medium is thin and narrow, it has the power to attract people to my soul message.

Learning how to use online social networking systems feels like going fishing in the deep ocean. Most people are fishing for the same reason I am; to attract people to their work and business. If the Internet is used as an indicator that directs attention to connections that have physical substance, then it works.

There are also negatives to using networking systems. Time put into cultivating the virtual world of the Internet takes time away my current reality, my relationship with my body and and my local community.

I believe our world needs our physical attention and love. The medium of the Internet, by its very frequency takes me away from my capacity to feel my own heart love. Sometimes I feel the Internet is a thief that steals the time I need to spend in more analogue carbon based communications with the earth; Plants, animals, other people and my own body.

Friday, June 19, 2009

What is my initial reaction to Twitter?

My initial reaction to Twitter is one of defense. I want to defend against using my focus and time in a way that feels shallow and superficial. I seek connections with people who have enough meat on the bone to offer me emotional and spiritual nourishment.

We greet people with simple phrases such as“ Hello, how are you?” These responses are a way to simply acknowledge one another. Too often the communication on Twitter will not go beneath this formal level to an honest discovery of the present moment. We do not expect people to bare their heart to others in superficial formal communication.

I am interested in heartfelt, honest communication where a person’s intentions to tell me something truthful and real about themselves touches and moves me to find an authentic response within my own being. There is plenty of noise and garbage in the universe. I try to be quiet except when I have something sincere to communicate.

Twitter is a derivative form of communication that narrows the field into such a small space that there is little room for depth. I am afraid twitter will steal my precious life force by using up my limited time and energy.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Invitation to Ruth's Book Release Party 6/26/09

You are invited!

WHAT: Celebrate the release of my book

The Sacred Book of U: Unveiling the Lost Teachings of the

Deep Feminine

WHERE: Exhale 245 South Main Street Venice, California 90291

WHEN: Friday June 26th 2009 7:30P.M.- 9:30P.M

RSVP: 310-450-7676 or

$20 includes signed book, music and refreshments.

See attached flyer for more information

Ruth Gould-Goodman