Saturday, May 31, 2008

I of II: Shattering the Illusion of Separatism

The Interconnectedness of all Being is not just a poetic metaphor, but a description of the deepest truth: We all come from the same source, and we each are unique expressions of the creative play of that one Intelligence. What is also true is that the vibrational frequency of the whole Universe is evolving. No one can hide from the intensity of the mirrors reflecting our selves back to ourselves. The power to manifest through our intention is speeding up. It is time for every human to wake up to our true godly nature, for in fact we are coming into such a great power. We must recognize our power. Otherwise, we will do as we are in fact doing—creating irresponsibly against others out of fear.

It is impossible for natural intelligence to create anything that does not arise out of Wholeness. Humans, on the other hand, are lost in the appearance of the separateness of the physical body. Our whole human race must expand our minds to facilitate a deeper perception of the functioning of whole systems. The functioning of any individual part is an intrinsic aspect of the whole body of creation. Just as our body is an intricate organization of many complex systems that are completely interrelated and interconnected and dependent upon one another for the optimum functioning of the whole, so the body of our planet earth is an even more complex level macrocosm of the body of creation of which each human, animal and plant is a living cell. Each and every cell must be healthy in order for the whole body to be healthy.

Human fear generates defensive intellectual constructs which must then establish separation and differentiation from other forms of life to protect itself. We define other humans who express different aspects of creation as lesser then ourselves. We judge them as inferior, less intelligent, and having lesser moral capacity. We project that these people do not feel pain the way that we feel pain, and that therefore we have a right to make them suffer. Our assumed moral superiority makes us feel we have a right to control these people and to create borders against them, to protect ourselves from realities we perceive as different.

We must awaken to the truth that it is only our perception creating these differences. It only serves the power of people who want to control others to divide and conquer. It does not serve the essentially free, egalitarian and interconnected nature of all things to judge, divide, pillage, conquer and exploit. Those who define themselves as being on top of the mountain, those who think they are elite and above the law of the common being, spend great energy defining boundaries with money, armies, police, guns, bombs, check points, gates and all manner of ways to generate division. It should be evident to all but the most thick headed that we all live on one planet. Every system of life on our planet is connected to every system of life, and all parts are equal to the positive functioning of the whole. There is no garbage, there is no “away” or “over there,” and the health of any part depends on the health of all other parts.

II of II: A Spiritual Perspective on Globalism

The well-being of a child in Iraq, Palestine, Sudan or Darfur, is a part of my dream of life and a part of your dream of life, even though you do not recognize it as so. The child matters not because I am a “do-gooder.” The child ‘over there’ is your child, for we are speaking of the zeitgeist of our culture. The way we view an Iraqi child is the way we view the unformed child in front of our own noses in our culture. Any child matters to me, because I recognize by the universal law of the Oneness of Being that my well-being, my future, and the future of life of life itself, is inextricably bound to the dream I am creating for every child. This truth also applies to the animal and plant kingdoms. We are all part of the same dream.

If you must have a graphic example of our current society's distorted reflection as it has come home to roost, observe the levels of juvenile lock-up in our society, the lack of health care for families, and the willingness to feed children food that will generate diabetes, obesity, and other expressions of the epidemic of financial greed. If you can rationalize sacrificing any child, you will be willing to sacrifice all children to that monster.

III of III: The End of the Nation State

It is time for the end of nation states and it is time to recognize each being as a unique expression of the whole. Being from Jewish descent, it is interesting for me to consider the definition of the word Hebrew, which means “border crosser.” Border Crosser is a biblical definition of the Hebrew people. Hebrew was meant to represent being the guest in whatever land they were settled. They were meant to hold the message of this next stage of development of the human race. Hebrews are the thread through time of the possibility of living from a more highly integrated consciousness that recognizes the god consciousness of all things. There is a great leap from this spiritual purpose to an assumed identity of a ‘nation-state’ that divides itself against others and then feels it must generate war (get them before they get us).

The conflict in Israel with the Palestinians will never be resolved until we humans learn to think from another place—from the heart that is capable of perceiving the underlying unity in the appearance of surface differences. For that to happen, we will have to recognize that we all are ‘border crossers,’ for this planet is in fact, round and connected. Borders and walls are a figment of a contracted, fear-infected imagination; an archaic mode of thinking that has not registered the incredible capacity our human race has to create a Shambhala, a Garden of Eden, a Paradise Found—if we would but remove the veil from our eyes and live from the living truth of the abundant interconnectedness of all being, the true nature of our planet Earth.