Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Anti-depressants and the "TAO of NOW "

I just finished reading an article about the use of Antidepressants doubling in the USA from 1996 to 2005. As an acupuncturist and energetic healer, I works with the integration of the mind body connection. I have learned to re frame the way I think about depression. I see depression is an intelligent signal arising form our body when we refuse to listen to its message. When we block our own inner voice in order to squeeze our self into an external paradigm that more than likely does not fit who we really are, the voice of our inner power comes forward to guide us to move in a different direction. Since our culture teaches us to fear and shut down our inner voice. Many of us judge that voice as a bad and dark parts of ourselves that we must control and hide. We sequester the energy of that voice inside our body and often assume we have a bad part that must be kept inside at all costs. The inner voice becomes angry that we are not listening to it and eventually turns inward upon our own self. Our unexpressed frustration and anger turn inward and we loose our motivation to even try. We do not understand that voice is our inner connection to our life force. Our life force grows exhausted. Why should our inner voice keep trying if all we do is shut it up?

The problem is our own voice is the only voice that can guide us back to our truth and our right path. When we drug ourselves to not feel the pain of what we are doing to our own being we have lost the tread back to our health. We give our power over to an external substance and lose all sense of our own sovereignty. We now observe many people on anti-depressants grow suicidal or act violently toward others out of a desperate attempt to break out of the internal jail or fortress that they have misguidedly created for their own inner being. Taking anti-depressants places our being in an unresolvable dilemma.
Instead of masking our voice(the symptom of depression), we need guidance to enter that voice and discover what our own being is asking of us.

I have developed highly effective system of synchronized breath, movement and sound that guides people back to a much more natural relationship with their own life force. People discover the internal central channel that allows them to live from their center in flow and balance and ground their power in a safe, efficient and directed way. The yoga is called "Conscious Body Energetics" and the system is called the "TAO of NOW".

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