Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Exploring the Concept of The Deep Feminine

The Deep Feminine is the principle of Yin. Yin is an elusive concept because Yin deals with that which is unseen and unformed. The Deep Feminine is the vast infinity of potential energy, the womb space, and the emptiness that allows new possibilities to take form.

The energies of the Deep Feminine are deep and profound. As human beings we gain access to our infinite being through our contact with the Deep Feminine.

The modern, Western world is out of alignment with the power of the Deep Feminine. Without honoring the Deep Feminine, we unconsciously and violently deplete the power behind that which nurtures us with out realizing how dependent we are on that sustaining quality to support everything we call life.

The Deep Feminine is the source of our deepest creativity. She can create another human being or actualize our ideas in form. The Deep Feminine is the source of our relationships and communications with others. She creates who we are at every moment. It is so easy to forget her when we bring our attention to ourselves. Our habit is to take her for granted. When we forget to honor the Deep Feminine we become over controlling and seek satisfaction by manipulating and consuming our world. She invites us to create our world anew in each moment. The Deep Feminine is actually the deeper source of Yin energy in our body.

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