Thursday, August 6, 2009

Description of the Saturday Class:Movement, Breath and Sound Work

In my Saturday class I guide people to the source of their creative expression by inviting their attention to journey deep inside their body. Through meditative movements we explore the terrain of their body: the emotions, the spirit and the soul.

I teach my students’ how to self activate their energy switches by guiding their
attention into their organ systems and skeletal structure.I use a sensed relationships to gravity to help each person find their physical center.

Since so many Western people think they are the thinking in their heads, we further root our attention into the depth of our pelvic bowl.

Once my students fully ground their attention in their body, we explore how our breath moves through our body. To consciously engage our whole system we use our spine as a microcosmic map to help us track the journey of each breath. We practice directing our internal energy from the path of our central channel, down our legs, and out our hands through gesture and our mouth through voice.

We than cultivate our conductive capacity by dancing with the internally felt unfolding waves of organic energy pulsing through us.

A major focus of the class is to assist people to open up to the vast power of their own being while simultaneously inviting them to open their eyes. We practice grounding connection to a present moment direct personal communication with cosmic power in front of others. We lovingly witness each others authentic dance to grow comfortable in meeting the divine beauty we each bring forth.

The last part of the class integrates the activation of vocal expression arising from our center. Through sound we explore body resonance. A group vocal circle develops sophisticated listening skills that open group creative process. We are challenged to listen to the creative river downloading through our own center and then resonate as a group without a conductor or score. Each person expresses their vocal sound while simultaneously, listening to the sound tapestry the group creates together. We practice being conductive to the creative stream of the cosmos while simultaneously creating together with others.

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